Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cash at the top

This sad tale comes from my local “Foundation trust”:

 The boss of Frimley Park Hospital was awarded an inflation-busting 6.5% pay increase last year, taking his annual pay above £175,000.

Andrew Morris, the hospital’s chief executive, was given the pay hike despite the fact that nurses and low-paid staff at the hospital, which employs 2,972 people, were given rises of just 2.5% in the same year.

His raise was made up of an increase of 3.5% in salary, with a bonus payment of £5,000 for hitting a number of performance targets, the hospital’s annual report showed.

Mr Morris has also built up a personal pension pot worth more than £1.5m.

The figures come as a report by public sector pay experts Income Data Services showed that boardroom pay in the health service had doubled in the past decade – faster than the average rise seen in public sector pay.

"Testing times"

Steve Tatton, editor of the report, said: “These are undoubtedly testing times for those making decisions about how much to pay NHS chiefs, balancing recruitment and motivation against the need to keep tight control of the public purse, but it seems that the equation has fallen on the side of high salary awards."

Frimley Park’s own pay policy for top executives, published as part of its annual report, suggested that its executives should be awarded a pay rise every year in excess of that given to bosses at other hospitals.

Mike Jackson, from public sector union Unison, representing nurses and healthcare staff, said: “It is not right for senior staff to get above inflation pay hikes, while the rest of the workforce get a below inflation pay deal.”

Frimley Park Hospital said election rules meant it could not comment publicly about the pay increases.

But Denis Gotel, a patient governor at the hospital, said he thought the public got good value for money out of Mr Morris and that the boss commanded respect from all the hospital's staff.

"He's worth every penny," Mr Gotel said.


Bollocks “Mr” Gotel, the front line staff are worth every penny, the CEO is taking the piss, and the money, I know, I have “met” him a few times.



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